Seperation for the betterment of society

You know when forming any group it is difficult to do what is best for all.  It is even harder to do what is right for all when your own belief get in the way of what is “Right”.  Since our great country’s conception there have always been problems with government.  Even the Father of our country did what was best for him and not necessarily ALL the people.

We still live in a time when our government cannot separate themselves from their personal beliefs and do what is right for the country and ALL that live here.  Our country has the largest prison and jail population in the world.  Do you really believe that we have the largest population of horrible people in the world?  Or do you believe that our laws need to be revisited?  The latter is probably the truest.  But our biggest problem in this country when in regards to government is that most of our government either didn’t read the constitution or just don’t care what it says and just want to do their own thing.

We have a set of basic beliefs in our constitution in regards to our country.  The most disregarded is the “Separation between church and state”.  For one reason or another the people making up our government cannot seem to do so and in my opinion should not be dictating laws.  You cannot truly make laws for everyone if you disregard other people’s beliefs or lives.  When elected to office every Representative should have to take a lie detector test to see if they can truly set aside their personal beliefs for the betterment of all.  But that will NEVER happen since that would leave them open to other questions regarding “Money”.  According to some “The root of all evil”.

Believe it or not “Money” was in part the cause of what happened on 9/11 and it would be difficult to deny it.

But back to what makes a great Representative.  A great Representative looks out for all the people, even when it is not convenient for them.  They make decisions based on the betterment of society not just the pocketbook.  But of course, in today’s society you have to prove what is better for the pocketbook instead of what is better for society.

For instance, Marijuana is a multi-billion dollar business here in the United States and that is while it is illegal.  Most of the people in prison are there for Marijuana related offenses.  So while this multi-billion dollar business is alive and well the taxpayers are not only paying for all the people in prison but paying for law enforcement to take it off the street.  Yet it still remains California’s number one “Cash crop”.  For every dealer that is taken off the street there are a few thousand ready to take their place.

Gay Marriage, while it goes directly against some peoples religious beliefs it is not against all.  This is where that “Freedom of Religion” comes into play and doing what is right for society and not what is right for you.  When New York legalized Gay Marriage they introduced over $800 million dollars into their economy the first year according to studies.  And while your religion may say that Gay Marriage is wrong, mine does not.  So by denying Gay Marriage are we really doing what is best for society?  Are we just trying to be true to our own religion?  Or are we just trying to get re-elected?  Whatever the cause, the reality is it will infuse more money into the economy.  The State of Nevada has changed their constitution to only recognize marriage between a man and a woman.  They have slit their own wrist and have now recognized it because there is a bill on the floor right now to change their constitution to allow Gay Marriage.  Their pocketbooks have seen the light.  Nevada is the marriage capital of the United States and is slowly seeing it slip away.  After seeing what has happened in New York they realize just how much money is slipping away every day.

I guess what I am trying to say is just this, when you are elected into office as a REPRESENTATIVE of a group of people.  You need to reflect what is best for the ENTIRE group of people you are representing.  Sometimes the hard decisions are to be made by putting your personal baggage behind you and do what it right for all, not just some.  Since the majority of our Representatives are millionaires they really need to see things as, not what you are putting into your pocket but the pockets of the people.  Corruption is alive and well in our government as it was when this country was first founded.  After a few hundred years, wouldn’t it have been nice to see it rooted out?

Face Book

Today, as I was looking through Face Book I noticed the same old stuff.  People thinking that “Gun Control” means someone is going to knock their door down and take away their guns.  I actually know these people, and I guess that I have never realized just how uninformed they really are!  If you look at what is on the table concerning Gun Control, there is nothing that says that someone will come to your door and take your guns away.  Although after seeing some of their posts, I think it might be a good idea.  Then my husband reminded me this morning, that you are not going to change someone’s mind on Face Book.  And you know he is absolutely right.

There is an old saying down south,”you give them books, and you give them books, they just tear the pages out”.  So true!  I cannot believe the number of people that will believe the stupid shit on Face Book, but won’t turn on the news or look up the plan on the Internet before commenting.  Face Book is leading to the deterioration of the ability to think on one’s own.  People just follow whatever is said, and believe it as proof positive.  I have to say this is a remarkable trend.  Most of the people on my Face Book friend list I have know most or all my life.  They are not stupid people.  But for some reason a great deal of them do not check out what they are posting nor does it seem they care.  Then I realized that maybe this is just one big joke.  Zuckerman thought it up and now he is perpetrating it on the American People.  Maybe it is nothing more than a test to see who the followers are and who are the leaders.  The sheep and the Shepard, so to speak.

When my husband reminded me that no ones mind has been changed by Face Book, it really hit home.  I mean Karl Rove spent a fortune advertising Romney on Face Book and it didn’t make a difference at all.  Romney still lost and everyone saw him for what he is,(This is my political opinion and I am editing myself).  You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to look up anything on the internet.  Everything you ever wanted to know, and even some things you really don’t want to know, is at your fingertips.

So I have come to the conclusion, that these intelligent people that I grew up with and have known an loved all my life are mostly sheep or just too lazy to find out the truth.  I can respect that because I have been known to have a lazy bone two. They will never change their mind no matter how much proof I post.  But I do thank my Higher Power that I am a leader not a follower!!!

New Secretary of Defense

There is a lot of buzz about Hagel taking the post of Secretary of Defense.  Most of the Gay and Lesbian community are expecting him to do the impossible.  He has said that he will work to make Gay and Lesbian Spouses recognized by the military.  But that just is not possible.  When he takes the oath of office, and a great deal of gay and lesbian service members will attest to this, he has to swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States of America.  Well the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) is part of the constitution that he is swearing to uphold and defend.  He really has no choice in the matter.  He cannot violate federal law in his post.  So no military ID cards for spouses of gay and lesbian military members, no spouses clubs, no shopping at the commissary, exchange or PX as some branches call it, and no benefits.  Until DOMA is found unconstitutional he will not be able to do any of these things.  The Supreme Court will be reviewing DOMA and the constitutionality in March, but without support from President Obama there is little chance of winning this victory.  The Congressional Republicans have already set aside 3 million dollars of taxpayer money to defend DOMA in front of the Supreme Court.  Since this country always has been and always will be based on the guy that spends the most money, any guesses who will win this one?  If President Obama would make a statement to the Supreme Court to the effect that DOMA is unconstitutional and does not provide equal rights to all, that would carry a great deal of weight.  But so far he is resting on his laurels and not saying a thing.  For someone that won the President’s office on the backs of the Latino’s and the Gay’s you would think that this would be a priority.  He is already addressing the Latino immigration issue but he really needs to step up to bat and work on equal rights for all not just the Heterosexuals.  When is comes to values, being half black, you would think that he would understand the importance of equal rights.  But this is obviously something that has slipped his mind entirely.  And if it is a matter that he doesn’t agree with what homosexuals do, stay out of my bedroom and I will stay out of yours!!!!

President Obama

During his campaign for re-election, President Obama made it a point to say that people, no matter what sex, should be free to marry whom they choose.  Now that he is in office, the Republican Congress has passed a resolution to protect and support DOMA.  They have authorized millions of taxpayers dollars, at a time we are supposed to be cutting spending, to support the defense of DOMA and it’s constitutionality before the Supreme Court.  So that brings to mind the famous question for President Obama.  “What have you done for me lately?”.  He has taken no steps to stop the discrimination against same sex married couples in or involved with the Military.  He has taken no steps to stop the defense of DOMA, nor has he allocated the same amount of taxpayer monies to defend the unconstitutionality of DOMA before the Supreme Court.

In fact, President Obama has done nothing at all to ensure that you can marry whomever you love no matter what sex.  He has the ability to write “Executive Orders” to provide the necessary monies to match what the Republicans have set aside for the defense of DOMA before the Supreme Court in January.  He is the President of the United States of America and the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world.  He is the representative of the greatest Super Power in the world.  Yet, we are taking the back seat while other countries drive and show the world there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage.

We, the LGBT community, have been treated like second class citizens in America for perhaps hundreds of years.  We should not have other countries leading the way for LGBT rights.  We, America the Worlds Largest Superpower, should be leading the way and setting the example for the rest of the world.

Currently, there are 7 Countries that allow same sex marriage.  The Netherlands legal April 1st 2001, Belgium legal January 1st 2003, Spain legal June 30th 2005, Canada legal July 20th 2005, South Africa legal November 30th 2006, Norway legal January 1st 2009, and Sweden legal May 1st 2009.  The countries did not lose their sense of family nor family values.  There are Haters out there with radio shows that I won’t name but they are saying that it is harmful for a child to have 2 Mothers, for instance.  I know currently in the United States a large number of Children are being raised by single parents, yet they seem to turn out alright.  I know that if you have 2 parents, no matter what the sex, you are getting a large amount of love.  And isn’t that what family is all about, LOVE?  I was raised by my Mother alone and I had and still have all the love in the world.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I would think that two parents would be able to give a child more love and attention than one parent.  I also think that it doesn’t matter if it is two women.  I was raised by my Mother, my Aunts, my Grandmother, my Great Grandmother, and my Great Great Grandmother all women and I turned out alright.  If anything I turned out better than most, because I was taught values which most children of opposite sex marriages are missing these days.

It is time that we, the LGBT society, stop riding in the back of the bus and drinking from separate fountains.  It is time that we bond together and work (I do mean hard work) toward being free to love whomever we want and to come out of the darkness and into the light.  I would now like to challenge President Obama to put his Presidency where his mouth was only a few short months ago.  Begin the work to show the world the way.  Step up and take the lime light to start the work necessary to make this and other Second Class Citizens equal to all!

If you would like to do your part, then please take a moment to write your Congressional Representative, Senatorial Representative, and President Obama himself.  Let them know how you feel, what you feel, and that we should be treated as equals.  End Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and stop the unconstitutional inequality that reigns in our great Nation.