Finding your Soulmate

Most people live their entire life without ever finding their Soulmate.  It isn’t something that you can buy, trade, barter, or train.  Fate runs rampant though out our lives and sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.  They may be your nextdoor neighbor, the postman, or that guy you just met at the club.  People tend to try to push fate to find their Soulmate.  Sometimes you just have to “let it flow”.  When you meet your true Soulmate it takes time like any  other relationship to establish communication with each other, set boundaries, and make it or break it.  Essentially the things that would cause you to walk away from the relationship.  The  key is to communicate without the yelling or even fighting.  You are both ADULTS and should communicate as such.  If you both  have good or even perfect hearing there is no need to raise your voice.  The loudest person is seldom the smartest person in  the room.  That is an Alpha thing.  So you learn  over the course of time  what does and doesn’t work  for your relationship.

Love is a strange thing.  For instance, I would stand in front of a bus for my Husband if it keeps him alive, but not I.  There are so many different types of love family, friends, Soulmate.  Your relationships with these and all people makes you who you are.  Your Soulmate may keep on walking because you are a bitch.  Just love them for who they are not necessarily what they are…..

NEVER make the mistake that you are going to change a person who doesn’t want to change.  “Fact of Life” – There will be  no change unless the victim decides to change on their own.  I can’t make you cry.  That is a personal decision.  Compromise is a completely different thing.  Sometimes you simply have to agree to disagree and that is the end of that problem.  If it directly affecting the other person then your decisions should be discussed like ADULTS.

So to give the last 5 minutes, you have to put yourself out there, Learn great communications skills and let your Soulmate find you.

Rosemary & Thyme

Lately, on Netflix, I have discovered the most wonderful TV show from the UK.  It is called “Rosemary & Thyme”.  It is about two horticulturist that travel around the globe and create gardens all the while solving murder mysteries.  I have watched the entire series run in 3 days it was so captivating.  If you take the time you will not be disappointed.  These two wonderful ladies are fantastic actresses and then the series was canceled to my disappointment.  Netflix shows the series out of order.  The last two shows to air are actually backwards.  “Two Gardner’s” is actually the last episode in the series.  If you have a subscription you have to check out this series.  Mind you if I ever have a garden to be done these are not the gardeners to hire.  There is always a dead body involved.  Sort of like “Murder She Wrote” you would not like to invite Jessica to dinner or the such!  So take some time, sit back and watch one of the best the UK has to offer, you will love it!!!!

American Default

Currently, Congress is considering letting the country go into default which of course would cause a shut down of government.  Now you may ask “What does this mean to me?”.  The answer is simple.

When Congress considered such a thing last year, it caused America’s credit rating throughout the world to drop.  And that is just because they let things run too long and didn’t deal with the National Debt Ceiling in a timely manner.

Here is how it affects you personally.  If you know someone that is drawing Social Security, Disability, Veterans benefits, military retirement, or even in the military they will not be getting paid.  Not until government is up and running again.  This will cause all those that depend on this pay to not be able to pay their bill and will cause their credit score to drop for lack of payment.  It could potentially cause evictions, foreclosures, and repossessions.  Not to mention the non payment of bills by medicare or medicaid.

I recall one other time that government shut down for over a month.  I was in the Navy and we didn’t get paid.  There was a great deal of discord and most of the men on the ship were extremely reluctant to perform their duty.  Now don’t get me wrong, they did do their job but it was very reluctantly.  Most of them would say they are going to do what they are getting paid for and that was nothing.  As one of the Supervisors, I have to say that I sympathized with them.

Right now the Republicans are going to cause irreparable damage to the economy and the world.  The President has said that he is willing to work with Congress to fix the spending problem.  He just is not willing to work it out with a “gun held to his head.”  This is not unreasonable.  Fixing the problems with spending in our great Nation should not be done with a threat held over anyone’s head.  It should be done in a sane, rational manner.  Congress has caused this debt and now after having dinner it is time to pay the bill.  But they are threatening to “dine and dash” so to speak.

Who is to blame?  Anyone that voted a Republican Congressional Representative into office.  You asked for this and now you are going to get it.  Great job!!!

President Obama

During his campaign for re-election, President Obama made it a point to say that people, no matter what sex, should be free to marry whom they choose.  Now that he is in office, the Republican Congress has passed a resolution to protect and support DOMA.  They have authorized millions of taxpayers dollars, at a time we are supposed to be cutting spending, to support the defense of DOMA and it’s constitutionality before the Supreme Court.  So that brings to mind the famous question for President Obama.  “What have you done for me lately?”.  He has taken no steps to stop the discrimination against same sex married couples in or involved with the Military.  He has taken no steps to stop the defense of DOMA, nor has he allocated the same amount of taxpayer monies to defend the unconstitutionality of DOMA before the Supreme Court.

In fact, President Obama has done nothing at all to ensure that you can marry whomever you love no matter what sex.  He has the ability to write “Executive Orders” to provide the necessary monies to match what the Republicans have set aside for the defense of DOMA before the Supreme Court in January.  He is the President of the United States of America and the Commander in Chief of the most powerful military in the world.  He is the representative of the greatest Super Power in the world.  Yet, we are taking the back seat while other countries drive and show the world there is nothing wrong with same sex marriage.

We, the LGBT community, have been treated like second class citizens in America for perhaps hundreds of years.  We should not have other countries leading the way for LGBT rights.  We, America the Worlds Largest Superpower, should be leading the way and setting the example for the rest of the world.

Currently, there are 7 Countries that allow same sex marriage.  The Netherlands legal April 1st 2001, Belgium legal January 1st 2003, Spain legal June 30th 2005, Canada legal July 20th 2005, South Africa legal November 30th 2006, Norway legal January 1st 2009, and Sweden legal May 1st 2009.  The countries did not lose their sense of family nor family values.  There are Haters out there with radio shows that I won’t name but they are saying that it is harmful for a child to have 2 Mothers, for instance.  I know currently in the United States a large number of Children are being raised by single parents, yet they seem to turn out alright.  I know that if you have 2 parents, no matter what the sex, you are getting a large amount of love.  And isn’t that what family is all about, LOVE?  I was raised by my Mother alone and I had and still have all the love in the world.  They say it takes a village to raise a child.  I would think that two parents would be able to give a child more love and attention than one parent.  I also think that it doesn’t matter if it is two women.  I was raised by my Mother, my Aunts, my Grandmother, my Great Grandmother, and my Great Great Grandmother all women and I turned out alright.  If anything I turned out better than most, because I was taught values which most children of opposite sex marriages are missing these days.

It is time that we, the LGBT society, stop riding in the back of the bus and drinking from separate fountains.  It is time that we bond together and work (I do mean hard work) toward being free to love whomever we want and to come out of the darkness and into the light.  I would now like to challenge President Obama to put his Presidency where his mouth was only a few short months ago.  Begin the work to show the world the way.  Step up and take the lime light to start the work necessary to make this and other Second Class Citizens equal to all!

If you would like to do your part, then please take a moment to write your Congressional Representative, Senatorial Representative, and President Obama himself.  Let them know how you feel, what you feel, and that we should be treated as equals.  End Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and stop the unconstitutional inequality that reigns in our great Nation.

Fiscal Mess

You may ask yourself what got us into this Fiscal Mess to start with, well here are the answers to begin with:

Bush Tax Cuts – $1.6 Trillion

Health Care Entitlements – $1.6 Trillion.  This is because the “Baby Boomers” became of age to collect.  The U.S. Government only knew this was coming by about 50 years or more.  Yet did nothing about it.

Medicare Drug Benefits – $300 Billion

Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – $1.3 Trillion and counting.  For the actual numbers go to

Economic Stimulus Package – $800 Billion plus another $200 Billion in Bail Outs.

Unemployment and Tax Reduction – $400 Billion

The Great Recession Tax Loss – Billions of dollars

Total National Debt – $14.3 Trillion – the deficit is just the interest owed.

Congress is calling for cuts in programs to reduce the National Debt.  By ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and creating an environment that allows for job growth increasing Americas tax base, will cut the amount being spent and increase the countries revenue.  The revision of the tax code will increase revenue for the country as well.  Cutting Foreign Aid will decrease spending.  Getting rid of the one dollar bill and changing it over to a coin will put another $30 million back into budget.  Lowering wages for Government Representatives.  Currently a Congressional Representative makes $174,900 a year plus total health care, dental, and vision.  It would make sense if they were doing their job but most of the time they cannot get a budget passed in time and they have come close to an entire Governmental Shut Down which has decreased our countries credit rating.  If this happens again it could cause damage to the entire global economy.

I actually spoke to my Congressional Representative, Dr. Joe Heck, regarding Foreign Aid.  He told me that it only makes up 1% of the Budget for the country.  I told him that you have to start somewhere and just because it only makes up 1% of the overall Budget doesn’t mean it doesn’t count toward fixing the countries Budget problem.

I think that our Representative are only looking at big numbers when they are trying to fix the economic problems.  What they have lost sight of is, save a penny soon you’ll have a nickel, save a nickel soon you’ll have a dime.  The small numbers can make a huge difference when you add them all up.

Let’s look at the facts.  The Government has known for over 65 years that we had a “Baby Boom” and that someday they would be getting their entitlements.  Yet they have done nothing what-so-ever to fix it.  They didn’t restructure anything, they didn’t increase taxes enough to cover the difference.  Now if you had a checkbook and you knew for 65 years that you were going to have to pay a bill, wouldn’t you have planned for it?

The war in Iraq.  We started a war with a country of “evil doers” and didn’t even go to war with the country that trained the men for 9/11.  We invaded their next door neighbors.  Weapons of Mass Destruction.  The Government knew there were no weapons of mass destruction that was just a ploy to justify the invasion.  We went to war on “Terrorist”.  That is just like the “War on Drugs”.  You cannot nor will not win period.  The War on Drugs has been going on for decades and yet the only thing it has done is increase the price of drugs here in America and made the Drug Dealers richer.  It doesn’t matter how many dealers you take off the street there are a few thousand waiting to take their place.  Just like the war on Terrorist.  It doesn’t matter how many you take off the street there are thousands to take their place.  Please don’t get me wrong, I do feel that America needed to increase their security measures.  At the time we were the ONLY country in the world that did not have airport security.  So yes we needed to beef up intelligence, increase security, and even make certain that we know what is going on in countries around the world.  But going to war on Terror is just plain silly.  You will always have terrorist no matter what.  You can take measures to make certain that another 9/11 doesn’t happen but you will never win the war on Terror!

We, as a country, need to revisit policies and programs that just don’t work.  We need elected officials that can see that even saving a penny that is needlessly spent is wrong.  We need to see those type of saving measures to fix our current Fiscal Mess and keep us out of future Fiscal Problems.

Homosexuality and the Bible

First we are going to talk about Homosexuality.  Scientist still haven’t found a gay gene but, they have found that a Homosexuals genetic make up is different that that of a heterosexual.  Most scientist still think there is a gay gene but it still has yet to be discovered.  Homosexuality appears in every species.  So it goes to be understood that it is not natures mistake but a genetic disposition.  Just like having brown hair and blue eyes.  There is no choice involved.  They are just born this way.  And as the song goes “God doesn’t make mistakes!“.

If you believe in the Bible being the word of God written through man, then it stands to reason that you believe that God created some people with a Homosexual disposition.  If you take the Bible literally then you cannot just pick and choose which teachings are convenient for you.  You must believe it as a whole and follow it’s teachings.  I am getting sick of hearing homosexuality being compared to cannibalism, mental illness, and bringing on the wrath of God in the form of every horrible thing that has happened in the United States.  From 9/11 to hurricane Katrina and more recently hurricane Sandy.  It is unfortunate that the people making these statements are getting on the news.  Obviously the news doesn’t screen the people they interview they just want the sensationalism.  These people are mentally ill and really, really need to be medicated.  My God is not about Hate.  My God is love.  God needs no rhyme or reason to bring on storms, diseases, or mental illnesses.  According to the Bible we are not supposed to understand everything that God does nor should we question him.  We are also not supposed to condemn we are supposed to pray.  Approximately 80% of our nation claim to be Christians.  One of the ten commandments is “thou shall not kill”.  Yet we send troops over to kill our so called enemies and we didn’t even send them to the right country.  50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce.  “You shall not commit adultery”.  I am sure that you see where I am going with this.  There are many things in the Bible that address many so called sins.  There are a total of 7 passages referring to homosexuality.  Most of them are questionable.  You see it is based on the absolute translation.  When you go back and study those who translated the Bible you will see that most of those scriptures can and may be translated to refer to Male Prostitutes and not Homosexuals at all.  And Jesus said nothing about homosexuals at all.  But back to God.  Let’s say God did create Homosexuals this way.  Would God have condemned Homosexuals before they were even born unto this earth?  If God created homosexuals this way then who are you to question God’s will?  The Bible was written Thousands of years ago and translated by Thousands of people over the years.  Maybe God changed his mind.  Maybe it is in the parts of the Bible that were never translated or in the portions not released to the general public but hidden by the Catholic Church.  Which is often dealing with pedophile Priest and other issues within their church.  If you believe the Bible is the word of God then you must not eat shrimp, for instance.  But I guarantee there are a large number of so called Christians that are enjoying shrimp cocktail probably even as I write this article.  And you will notice the demand for shrimp is pretty high here in America.

In the short, I guess that what I am trying to say is if you so strongly believe in the Bible.  And you believe it is the word of God.  Then put your actions where you mouth is.  Follow it to the letter.  Don’t just sit around judging Homosexuals and pick and choose what portions of the Bible you are going to live by.  Live by the entire word of God as it was written Thousands of years ago.  For someday God will sit in judgement of you!!!

China VS the United States of America

Welcome all to my next rant !

I would like to start out by saying that I have nothing against other countries.  As a matter of fact I have been to a great number of them and always enjoyed myself.  Their culture is rich, their people nice (normally), and their food very different than our own.  But today I would like to take a moment to look at the trade situation between China and the United States.

In 2006 China exported to the United States 287.8 Billion dollars worth of products.  While the United States imported to China 55.2 Billion dollars worth of products.  What is important to understand here is that the products we imported to China were mostly used in the creation of Electronics.  Our imports from China were mainly Electronics.  This pretty much goes along with the exporting of jobs that has been going on for as long as American Companies have realized that moving the jobs to China would cut down and the cost to the companies and increase their profit margin.  The only exception to the export to China rule was tobacco.

Now in 2012 there are really no electronic products made in the United States without using part that were made in China with few exceptions.  The exceptions are Department of Defense products mostly weapons technology.  Right now if you purchase a laptop, cell phone, most toys, video game systems, computer monitors, printed circuit boards, flat screen tv’s or any computer parts you have bought something from China.  Of course this is not the only area that we are having our butts kicked.  Most any other product that you name can be produced in China at a lower cost and their sale price at stores show that.  While American products suffer.  For instance look at crayons, something that every school child in the USA needs.  If they are made in China you can get a box of 24 crayons for as low as $.57.  If you buy the American counterpart you will pay as much as $2.50 for the same number and same colors.

If you are in doubt, please next time you go to a store check and see how many products are made overseas and how many are made in the United States.  You will see that I am not far off the mark.  What is causing this is GOOD business practices believe it or not.  Let’s face it.  Companies are in business to make money so they will have high profits and high dividends to investors.  That is what business is all about.  But is it really helping our country to import Billions from one country so we can sell them products for a fraction of what they are selling here in the United States.  It really doesn’t work out in the end.

Our problem is that we are not doing enough exporting and too much importing.  We have made it more profitable to send jobs overseas or just buy discount products from overseas.  And as I hope you can all see there is only one way to deal with this problem.  You see, we have to keep the lines of import export open.  We don’t want to create an unstable marketplace.  Especially with countries carrying a portion of our National Debt.  So you can’t really raise the tariffs on trade with that or any other country.  But you can raise the taxes companies pay for importing the product for sale.  You can restructure the tax code for businesses shipping jobs overseas.  Remember Diplomacy is the key.  Instead of trying to take our aggression out on the business overseas you take it out on the real players in this game and tax the hell out of business here in the United States.  Enough so, that it is more profitable to them to keep the jobs and production in the United States.  You may ask yourselves if this practice is fair to free enterprise?  The answer is a simple “YES” !

Over the course of the last few decades we have seen America go from a thriving industrial country on the cutting edge of technology.  To a country with millions out of work, companies buying up small industrial companies moving their entire production overseas and selling off the assets.  We have seen the decline for decades but didn’t really understand or care what the effect it would have on the country in years to come.  Yes there are some areas that we are still the leaders in technology.  But when you ship the jobs overseas and have the parts made there we have given away the design technology.  We as a country have to put our heads together and work out a way from this natural disaster.  Not only with making it more profitable to make the products at home but to keep product support at home as well.  Every Time I have to call Technical Support for an electronic product.  The call normally goes to a phone overseas because it is a heck of lot cheaper to have the phone banks overseas than at home.  This is really frustrating.  I have been to a large number of countries overseas and dealt with a great number of foreign accents.  But there are times that the accent just is not able to be understood.  A classic example is America and England.  If you were to go to England and speak American slang they wouldn’t be able to understand you without the aid of the American Urban Dictionary and visa versa.  Now supposedly we both speak English but there is a distinct difference between our two languages.  When I call technical support I want to speak to an American.  I want someone that understands what I am talking about and how to solve my problem.  I don’t want to have to repeat myself 42 times to get a simple answer to a simple question.  In the short, we have to keep the phone banks and technical support here at home.  This part I really have no idea to correct except once again lay it at the doorstep of the company in question and make it more expensive to hire someone overseas than here in America.

Please keep in mind there is no immediate actions that could be taken in changing the tax code that would move the jobs back to America.  You have to hammer it out between both parties in Congress and the Senate.  Which could be and will be a nightmare for any President.  The second thing that could be done is to start those public advertisements promoting “buy made in America”.  And third you have to rely on the public to demand products made only with American parts and only Made In America.

Lastly, we the people can take action to make this happen and write our Congressional and Senatorial Representatives as well as the President himself.  All you have to do is go online and look up Congress, Senate, and the White House.  There is a listing of all Representatives by zip code and the email address for the President of the United States.  Of course, it will be an aid looking at the letters and responding but if enough of them come in they will finally do something.

Money, Money everywhere !

I know that most of my post have been politically inclined.  I would apologize for this but this elections is super important to me as it should be for you.  It literally decides if Lesbian,Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender rights are going to go backwards or forward.  But we are not the only group to be discriminated against.  There are also Women, and everyone of every race except White, Age, and many other groups.  The reason I say many other groups is because there are too many to mention.

The reason for this post is to let you know what is really running this election.  It is not just the Candidates it is the money they raise for their election.  Please check the link below and see what I mean by Money, Money everywhere!

When you add up all the money collected you will see we are in the Billions.  Now that isn’t necessarily a lot of money if you are comparing it to the United States Budget.  But that money could make a huge change in helping the poor and homeless across the nation.  You could practically build a new improved homeless shelter with individual rooms across the nation.  Please keep in mind this is all donated money.  I am a strong believer that charity begins at home.  If these two men can raise that kind of money just to get into the oval office then why not use their status to raise money to help the homeless?  I know this sounds silly but what about a National Telethon to raise the money.  We as human beings have an obligation toward helping the homeless.  We are living in tough times.  Foreclosures, Veterans, Families thrown out into the streets, and a series of other reasons.  Most of these people aren’t bad people nor are they lazy as most people assume.

President Obama proposed a plan for Veterans returning from our wars to help them find jobs and work again.  Now the plan would have cost the Government about a billion dollars.  That is a smaller fraction of the budget than our support of PBS.  Of course, it was shot down by the Republican Congress and Republican Senate because it wasn’t in the original budget.  But isn’t that what a leader is supposed to do?  Sometimes you have to find the money in the budget and make it happen.  Senate Majority Speaker Boehner, while not being aware his microphone was on, said that he wasn’t worried about creating jobs in America.  He was only concerned about putting Obama out of a job.  We all have times we stick our foot in our mouth, but do you think that he didn’t really mean that?  Obama was trying to take care of our Veterans coming home from war.  That is what a true leader is supposed to do.  As most of you know or maybe don’t know our armed services put their life on the line each and every day.  And we as a country should do everything in our power to ensure their transition back to civilian life is as easy as possible.

When I look at the money being spent by these two campaigns I get really upset.  There are so many other things it could be used for other than explaining why their opponent is not worthy of the office.  I am not naive to the fact that money makes the world go round.  But I am also not naive to the fact that if they can raise this much money just for a campaign then they could raise Billions for other programs and help those hit hardest  by what will be referred to in history books as “The Great Recession”!

Gas and Oil in America

The cost of gasoline in America has gone up drastically over the past few years.  Just like any industry it is based on supply and demand.  Now let’s just say that oil production is running at 60% here in America.  That keeps the cost of gasoline up because of the demand.  There were oil companies that had the rights to drill on Federal land but weren’t using them.  Therefore keeping the price of gasoline up.  Big oil companies process the oil into gasoline and make billions of dollars a year.  They also get billions from the government.  It is in the best interest of the oil companies to keep the prices up artificially.  It leads to larger income therefore, more profits for investors and the companies themselves.  If you have a lease for Federal land to drill for oil and you aren’t using it.  It should be revoked and then leased to a company that will drill for oil on that land.  During the past four years there was no need to allow additional leases of Federal land for drilling.  What they had already leased wasn’t being used.  With the need for oil dropping in America due to cars getting better gas mileage and alternative energy sources big oil companies need to start looking toward other revenue streams.  One such company is BP.  They have wind farms in seven different states and control them for the thirteenth floor of a building in Houston TX.  BP will come out ahead of the game.  They are realizing that other streams of revenue is what is going to keep the company alive for decades to come.  There is no reason that other oil companies cannot follow BP’s lead.  They have the money to invest into research and development for alternative green energy.  When you are profitting billions a year you can put some of the money back into the company.  Wind, solar, and hydrodynamics are going to be around for hundreds of years and will never run out.  We only have a few hundred years of oil under us.  One of the best ways to provide energy to the country is through natural gas.  We have hundreds of years supply just under our feet and it is more environmentally friendly that other industries.  In Iran they converted all the automobiles to run on natural gas just so they could sell off their oil and make more revenue for the country.  When you use green energy there are times when the wind isn’t blowing, or it is overcast and you don’t get the sun necessary to power your solar plant.  Therefore, you have to have another source of energy to keep power on the grid.  One of the best ways is natural gas.  I really don’t have anything against coal.  But there is no such thing as clean coal.  Yes it doesn’t pollute the environment as much as it did but it still pollutes non the less.  Think of it, we could power the entire country on green energy mixed with natural gas and save the people huge amounts of money on gas.  You also have to keep in mind that we as a nation produce gasoline for other countries to buy.  The cost of gasoline would go down here in the United States and we would have all the energy we need for a few hundred years.  That would help save the environment and allow us to develop other forms of green energy to power the country with little to no cost.  It is time the big oil companies step up to bat and start investing in green and clean energy.  It is not going to take away from profits because everyone knows they are going to pay an electric bill.  Now what the electricity would cost would be much lower that what we have now.  Of course, this would put a lot of coal miners out of jobs.  But that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be trained in other areas of energy.  This is just something to think about next time you open up your electric bill or gas up your car.  My electric bill in Las Vegas is around $400.00 a month yet we have many miles of desert for sell and an endless supply of sunlight.

America’s Water Problem

Today I will be discussing Water.  I know that seems like a strange topic but it is a very important topic.  Especially since humans have to have fresh water regularly.  Below are some facts that I found on the World Health Organization Website.  It is severely disturbing for the future of our country and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  For the future generations to come.  As we should have learned with Global Warming.  We shouldn’t wait till the last minute to fix or address this problem.

In the United States, people living in Southwestern states like Arizona could be facing severe freshwater shortages sooner — than 2025.

Seven states (Colorado, Wyoming,Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California) that share water from the Colorado River have began negotiations on how to manage the river’s limited water.

Even though the earth is mostly water, less than 2 percent of it is fresh (and of that small percentage, much of it is polluted, unsanitary or dependent on cyclical rain patterns).

The shortage is further compounded by an extreme amount of wasted water when it comes to irrigation practices throughout the world. According to the World Water Council, 66 percent of water withdrawals are for irrigation, and in arid regions      irrigation accounts for 90 percent of water withdrawals (other water withdrawals are for industry (20 percent) and household use (10 percent), while about 4 percent evaporates from reservoirs).

This is extremely disturbing to me.  We have the technology to use sea water and convert it into fresh drinkable water.  At one time there was a plant near San Diego that took the salt out of the water and converted it to fresh water.  Drilling will not work because it is expected that the population of the earth will grow by 50 percent.  There is the same amount of drinkable water now as there was a million years ago.

How do we correct this problem.  It will initially be costly to the government but it will pay for itself over the course of time.  We need to start taking water from the ocean and processing it to make it fresh water.  As I said it will cost in the beginning but I think that everyone pays for water right now unless you live in the country and drill a pump into an underground source.  Unfortunately that really isn’t possible in the desert.  We all depend of the Colorado River for our fresh water.  But let’s just say that we take sea water desalinize it and pump in into the Colorado River.  Or even pump it through a pipeline to the areas in need.  Since 80% of the earth is water we would have an endless supply.  It will increase the number of jobs and the government could sell off the processing plant to private enterprise.  But I think that initially it has to be started by the government because the cost will be outrageous.  It is the same principle as pumping oil from state to state.  But it will be something that we cannot survive without.  There are currently plans in Nevada to drill for water near Reno and pump it down to Las Vegas.  The reason for this is that the water in Las Vegas is contaminated and it is not in Reno.  This is the same principle except we know where the water will be coming from and the process that it will be going through.

It is unfortunate that I believe our government will have to get the ball rolling so to speak but I do think that is the only way to spark free enterprise to take over.  It will create thousands of jobs just like the Alaskan Pipeline.  But this is a necessary purchase for generations to come.  You may ask why start it now.  We have clean water to live.  But look at Global Warming.  If we would have made production standards and exhaust from cars more environmentally friendly then we wouldn’t be in the situation we are now.  Oh and by the way if you don’t believe in Global Warming then you are not relying on research scientists have already proven.  Think about your summers and winters this year alone and how different they were compared to summers and winters say 10 years ago.

The need for water is a never ending process.  If private industry were to apply itself to do just what I have said they would have a never ending stream of income.  Unlike the oil industry.  We will find other ways to power the grid our nation uses for electricity.  We have already begun by using wind, hydro, and solar power plants.  As far as how a car would run without gas.  Well we will just have to see but I am sure that it is possible with everyday discoveries.  It is just a matter of time that the oil industry is practically out of business in this Great Country.

We were the leaders in industry at one time but we have gotten off track.  Other countries have been stealing our ideas for decades and we haven’t really done anything about it.  A great example is a certain country reverse engineers our technology and sells it on the open market in that country.  How much money has American businesses lost due to patent infringement?  How many jobs have been sent overseas because you can have the same thing made but for pennies on the dollar.  The idea of new types of power, new ways of bringing water to those who need it, and creating and production of new items in the United States will make America strong again and perhaps create a new industrial age.

When I make a phone call to technical support I want to speak to someone that I can understand and that understands me.  I don’t want to speak with someone from a foreign country.  I want to speak with an American.  I don’t think this is much to ask of companies.  I mean really the minimum wage here in the United States is pretty low especially when the company that contracts out is expected to earn Billions of dollars.

I am sorry but I got on a rant.  Back to the water problem.  Why wait until the last minute to create a solution when it is as simple as using what covers 80% of the earth.  Lets be innovators in this type of technology and let other countries buy the information from us for a change.

This is just something to think about.  We are not just all about “Me” anymore.  We have to be about “Us” and that includes our future generations.

I hope that I have stimulated the brain cells and welcome criticism, complaints, concerns, and of course conversation.  My ideas are sometime seen as radical.  Which is why on my tag line it says “from my warped mind”.