About me!

Born Phillip Lowell Ellenburg November 23 in Hammond Indiana.

The oldest of three children.  My sister is ten years younger and my brother is fifteen years younger.   I couldn’t be happier for them.  Now they have their own great families.

I joined the US Navy at the age of seventeen.  I  was offered any job I wanted.  I left for bootcamp the following year.  Then I went to my first anti-submarine school.  After two years of schools I traveled all over the world to catch up with my ship the USS Berkley DDG -15.  I was stationed there for about five years then was transferred to US Navy Recruiting Command.  I spent two years recruiting and was transferred to the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare base to teach.  I spent six years then off to more schools for two years.  After schools I was sent to Bath Maine.  I was part of the initial crew while my ship the USS Paul Hamilton.  I spent about two years there doing test on the new ship.  After completion we took the ship to Hawaii.  Oahu Pearl Harbor to be exact.  I was there as their Anti-Submarine Specialist for a few years then retired.

When I got out of the Navy I worked as a Facility Coordinator at a research company, worked in my Grandfathers green houses, worked as Night Auditor for two different hotels.

Currently, I have been happily married for fifteen years and counting.  Our goal is to grow old together.  So far so good.