Finding your Soulmate

Most people live their entire life without ever finding their Soulmate.  It isn’t something that you can buy, trade, barter, or train.  Fate runs rampant though out our lives and sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.  They may be your nextdoor neighbor, the postman, or that guy you just met at the club.  People tend to try to push fate to find their Soulmate.  Sometimes you just have to “let it flow”.  When you meet your true Soulmate it takes time like any  other relationship to establish communication with each other, set boundaries, and make it or break it.  Essentially the things that would cause you to walk away from the relationship.  The  key is to communicate without the yelling or even fighting.  You are both ADULTS and should communicate as such.  If you both  have good or even perfect hearing there is no need to raise your voice.  The loudest person is seldom the smartest person in  the room.  That is an Alpha thing.  So you learn  over the course of time  what does and doesn’t work  for your relationship.

Love is a strange thing.  For instance, I would stand in front of a bus for my Husband if it keeps him alive, but not I.  There are so many different types of love family, friends, Soulmate.  Your relationships with these and all people makes you who you are.  Your Soulmate may keep on walking because you are a bitch.  Just love them for who they are not necessarily what they are…..

NEVER make the mistake that you are going to change a person who doesn’t want to change.  “Fact of Life” – There will be  no change unless the victim decides to change on their own.  I can’t make you cry.  That is a personal decision.  Compromise is a completely different thing.  Sometimes you simply have to agree to disagree and that is the end of that problem.  If it directly affecting the other person then your decisions should be discussed like ADULTS.

So to give the last 5 minutes, you have to put yourself out there, Learn great communications skills and let your Soulmate find you.