Social Security Disability Insurance

I know someone who suffers from blackouts and loses all concept of space and time.  He can’t recall what happend during a period of time anywhere from fifteen minutes to several hours.  He applied for SSDI and has been denied twice.  So essentially the Social Security Administration thinks that you can hold down a job and blackout during work and that is just fine.  While that may be acceptable at the Social Security Administration I don’t know of any other place in America where this condition is acceptable in the workplace.

Home Owners Associations

While Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) keep the neighborhood looking good they are really a pain.  They tell you what color you can paint your house, what to plant, where to plant it, how many animals you can have, and even what type of animals.  So far we have paid thousands into the HOA and got nothing out.  They send out a budget annually but the budget is padded.  One thousand dollars for office equipment (ie. paperclips, paper, copies, file folders and the such.)  They hire a landscaper to plant flowers 4 times a year under the signs for our street.  When in reality they should plant something that doesn’t require replanting or much upkeep here in the desert.  When we purchased our house the landscapers had two trees planted directly over the cables and gas lines.  You would think that a landscaper would know better than to plant there.  For every foot a tree grows the roots spread three feet.  HOA’s are really a rip off.  The rule book for the HOA was over two inches thick of the things that we can do, must do, and can’t do.  While I don’t want the house next to me to be painted purple, green, and yellow, I do want to have a little say so with the color of my own house.  We paid a huge sum of money for our house and now we are being held hostage with the fee’s from the HOA.  All I can say is avoid them at all cost.

Living in Las Vegas

Life in Las Vegas is not as glamorous as depicted in “CSI”.  No bodies dropping out of the closet.  Nevada’s educational system is number 16 in the nation.  The schools drive students toward the service industry.  And while we need servers, hosts and the such we are in dire need of Doctors, Nurses, and many more in the medical profession.  I hear the bus every morning picking up high school students at 7:30 am and dropping them back off at 1:30 pm.  Not much time to learn anything.  Las Vegas as a whole is really no place for children.  All of the industries cater toward adults.  Even when you walk down the strip there are people standing on the sidewalk handing out cards advertising women to your room in less than an hour.  The cards have pictures of women naked with little stars covering their private parts.  Most of the casino’s have a no stroller policy.  And children are not allowed on the gaming floor.  So there is a straight and narrow path for them to stay on to get to the hotel portion of the casino.  There are only two casinos that have areas specifically designed for children and they are Circus Circus and the Excalibur.  There was a time that all the casinos were trying to make Las Vegas more a family atmosphere.  But those days are over.  They have realized that the real money is in catering to the adults and let them leave the children at home.  If you get off of the strip you will find that there are a few attractions for children but you really have to search to find them.  They tore down the water park to make more parking for the casinos.  So to sum up this rant “Leave the children at home in another state where they are safe.”