My Visit To Abbey Dental in Las Vegas

Recently I had to go to the dentist because I lost a filling in the top of my mouth. My appointment was for 10:30am but I arrived a half hour earlier to fill out forms since this was my first visit to this dentist. So when we opened the door to the waiting room there were about 20 chairs and still there were about 15 people standing. Very crowded. I went up to the desk and got the paperwork for the receptionist and filled it out. Then I returned to the window and handed it in. She told me to have a seat and wait and I will be called back soon. There wasn’t a place for me to sit down so I stood for about half an hour then was called back. One of the Dental Assistants put me in a chair and began to take a series of xrays. When she finished she told me to go back to the waiting room and have a seat until the doctor called me back. Once again there was no room to sit to I stood there for an additional 30 minutes. Finally he called me back. He had me take a seat and we went over the xrays. He didn’t even look into my mouth but we agreed upon a treatment plan. I am going to have all my upper teeth removed and replaced by dentures. He told me that I could have them permanently implanted for $5150.00. I really didn’t have the money so I just wanted the basic dentures. Once I was done with the dentist he passed me off to the billing department. They immediately charged my credit card $1580.00 which is including a 10% fee for using credit. Then they sent me next door to have molds made of my mouth. It was totally vacant in the waiting room. They immediately took me back and seated me. I don’t know if you are familiar with have molds made of your teeth but it goes something like this. They find a tray that fits your mouth and fill it with a putty type substance. They put it in your mouth and have you bite down until the putty sets which normally takes a couple of minutes. Then they do the same thing to the other set of teeth. Next they put some putty in your mouth and have you bite down so they can see how the teeth match. Normally this process takes about 15 to 20 minutes total. Well it took them over 2 hours, I suspect there were too many patients and not enough doctors. We left there about 3:00pm that day. The next day Peter told me to find out the difference financially for having permanent dentures. So I ended up calling 6 times and leaving 3 messages. But received no return call. The next day I emailed the doctor with the problem of not getting any response from the billing department. When I finally received a call back from the billing department she told me that it would be an additional $6000.00. I am still perplexed how the price went up by $850.00 especially since I had already paid for part of the procedure. Abbey Dental guarantees the lowest prices in Las Vegas. I have gone on line since and found 4 places that charge at the most $3750.00 for the same procedure. So they certainly are not the cheapest dental procedures in town. I still haven’t had the initial procedure and I am already feeling kind of hinky about the whole thing. I am going to have the procedure there but then I will give them the opportunity to give me a lower price or I will go somewhere else for the denture mounting procedure. I really hope they do the right thing because it seems that their only problem is there are too many customers and not enough staff. The staff and doctors seem very nice and I really don’t feel that I have been mistreated except for the pricing.